As a first time home buyer, we did not know what the closing process entailed.  Working with Felicia proved to be a wonderful experience.  She answered all of our questions in a timely fashion and made herself available to explain the complexities of the process. Felicia always had our best interests in mind, from contract negotiations with the seller’s representative to assisting in the mortgage origination. On the day of the closing, Felicia walked us through each and every document so that we understood and felt comfortable with the terms of the agreement. We would certainly recommend Felicia to our friends and family, and look forward to working with her again in the future! 

– Ali A


Over the last decade I have had the pleasure of using Felicia Watson Law services for all my business needs.
Felicia Watson has seen me through several different acquisitions while expanding my hearing aids practice throughout the tri-state area. She has been instrumental in facilitating the complex dealings that occur with small business owners selling their practices. Acquiring these new businesses can prove to be quite challenging when owners are so personally attached as they have been in there family for years. Felicia has always been very patient, detailed and thorough while making these transactions happen. I started with one store 6 years ago and have grown to over 23 locations, all of which I couldn’t have done without the guidance of Felicia, she is a true professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services to anyone. 

– Edwin R


Forget every lawyer joke you know – Felicia is one of the good ones.

As a real estate investor for the better part of two decades I have worked with a lot of attorneys. I am very familiar with all stages of  purchases and sales, those that go smoothly, and those that do not. I have been on the same and opposite sides of the table of some very mediocre attorneys who have added very little if any value. I have also seen situations which careless attorneys completely dropped the ball, costing their own clients or someone else down the road thousands of dollars. In short, not all real estate attorneys are the same and you cannot judge them by how nice a car they drive, or by their fancy Victorian where there father once practiced.

Felicia Watson’s experience, aptitude, attention to detail and ethics puts her head and shoulders above the rest. It is refreshing to work with a seasoned attorney without a tinge of arrogance or hubris. Her attention to detail and responsiveness are second to none and she is also one of the hardest workers I know. In fact, Attorney Watson’s thirst for continuing improvement recently motivated her to attend New York University and pursue a Masters Degree in Real Estate Development to bring even more value to her growing list of clients. She treats each and every client as if they were her child, sibling, or parent.

I have 100% confidence and trust in Felicia and enthusiastically recommend her every chance I get. 

– Paul C.


Felicia –

 Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your assurance and cooperation in our newly concluded Closing. You are not only a good lawyer but a wonderful person. I’m very grateful for your many kindnesses.

Thanks again and again.

 – M.R., seller’s attorney


…In all the follow-up issues surrounding [my aunt’s] funeral arrangements and now issues of her estate…Felicia was very supportive of me, and I always  felt she acted in my aunt’s best interest. I am sure this is why the court appoints her as “attorney for person” for individuals like my aunt.

 Thank you, Felicia, for all your support!